A varied history has led us to want to create a business that we can feel proud of and enjoy. Lesley’s working life started in the biological sciences and has always been interested in the quality, balance , origins and ethics of the food that we eat. Always keen to grow her own food enjoying it twice, firstly in the body and soul in the garden and then in the nutrition and good eating. Martin started life on the family dairy farm, has worked in people management, spent many years running a building and renovation business and what grew from this was an interest in people and what makes us who we are.

Additionally, the combined experience of working for over 30 years as psychotherapists and clinical supervisors, has given us a lot of learning about the impact of our environment on our emotional and physical wellbeing and how potentials can be best reached. We would like to offer that in the food that we produce and the environment that we provide to guests.

We are both largely vegetarians due to concerns over animal welfare, commercial food processing and interest in ensuring a balanced diet. For Martin being vegetarian later in life highlighted the benefits, feeling fitter and more healthy, including running marathons faster than when 20 years younger! Being in France this choice is being weighed up against the equal interest in sustainability, respect for life and mimimal wastage.Wanting to raise organic hens for eggs leads to cockrels and a flock can only sustain so many, as do milking does produce male kids……..this debate is an ongoing challenge for us.

We really are passionate about the quality of food, for ourselves and whilst rearing animals, all the animals are fed organic feed and we apply organic farming principles with the aim of being certified (Agricole Biologique) in the future.