Herbs and Garden Produce

Food that is sown with love and grown with love, we believe offers the best in nutrition for customers, ourselves and our animals. Growing organically requires a dedication to the whole ecosystem and cycle of life, to maintain the soil and crop in maximum health. Gardening by the lunar calander is also popular in France and Lesley is experimenting and ajusting some gardening practices to incorporate ideas she feels may have some benefit.

Crops are harvested at the peak of their season and we aim to offer them fresh for sale at markets or from our door. There is a growing herb garden dedicated to both culinary use and herblism. Many of the herbs are grown for our own and our animals wellbeing.

Much of the crops grown have multiple uses and whilst neither of us is a qualified herbalist, Lesley has an interest in understanding and using plant material for welbeing and treatment. Some plants and their extracts are so well known that there is a common knowledge and others have been used throughout centuries and varied cultures but have been all but forgotten. Frequently used plants here are the comfry, also called knit bone, for wound healing and as an expectorant and extreamly good compost enhancer. Mullein is a wild flower of hedges and fields and is also good for lung ailements. Garlic is well known for its immune boosting, anti-bacterial, anti-septic properties and wild rose hips are picked for the Vitamin C content, in the UK during the second world war, rose hip syrup was given to children to meet vitamin C needs.