Eggs & Poultry

We free range a variety of local breeds to offer a range of egg type. The old breed Limousin ‘Maran’ hens produce eggs with a uniquely dark brown/black shell, which look great to serve. In the future we would like to keep some petite quails to provide us with equally petite eggs, perfect served whole in salad nicoise or in a spring vegetable minestrone soup.

All our hens are free to forage around the fields and thus carry out their natural behaviours, making more contented hens and giving eggs bursting with flavour and beautiful yellow yolks. The hens are fed an organic cereal mix and apple cider vinegar and crushed garlic in their drinking water helps keep good digestive health. I notice that they also help themselves to the herb garden but have yet to establish which herbs they favour.

When we sell eggs we try to ensure the eggs are less than 5 days old, the freshest of eggs are best for mayonnaise and meringue making.

Please see ‘whats being made now’ for current availability.