The best cheese is characterised by the quality of the ingredients, the production methods and the environment in which it is matured.

Our cheese is made in the farm dairy using milk produced by our herd of goats. The season and plant variety found on the Limousin hillside imparts the unique natural flavour of our cheese as the goats browse freely choosing their own diet and have access to a range of herbs grown on the land. The cheese is stored and matured in our cellars(affinage) which further creates and enhances their flavour and texture.

We have two traditional milking breeds, the Saanen and French Alpine and crosses of these two in the herd and additionally some rare breed Golden Geurnsey goats who are also milked. We would like to contribute to the preservation of the GG’s and so are looking to find a suitable buck who is not inter-related. The goats are now part of the family, each with their own distinct personality and needs and are a joy to be around.

Our main cheeses are:

  • A relatively young (6 weeks) soft fresh cheese with a mild goat flavour and creamy white pate.
  • An aged hard cheese, matured in our cellars for up to a year. It’s character offers complexity of taste and a crumblier texture. This cheese melts in the mouth!

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